Union Collaboration Fund


Created in 2017 by NTUSU, the purpose of the Union Collaboration Fund (UCF) is to provide funding to support collaborative efforts between NTU constituent and non-constituent clubs.

Funding from UCF should be fuelled towards club-to-club collaborations that aims to build a One NTU Community. This can be done through initiatives, or student activities that either encourages community building, or enhances the overall NTU experience for all full-time undergraduates.

The amount disbursed is subjected on a case-by-case basis, depending on:

1. Number of collaborating clubs

2. Number of Non-Constituent Clubs collaborating

    (there must be at least 1 Non-Constituent Club involved)

3. Total proposed expenditure

4. Pitch delivered by representatives of every collaborating club, to the Fund

    Management Committee*

Interested applicants are to submit their application using the downloadable UCF Application Kit. All applications should be verified by the respective NTU club Treasurer, and must be endorsed by the respective club's President, before submitting it to the NTU Student Union's Honorary Financial Secretary.


For more details about the rubric, download the official guideline matrix.


Queries regarding the Union Collaboration Fund may be directed to


*The Fund Management Committee is made up of the Union Honorary Financial Secretary, Union President, Council Chairperson, Union Honorary General Secretary, and a singular member from the Finance Standing Committee in the Union Council.

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