Getting around? Here's a guide to the  variety of transport options both in and out of campus.

Public transport


Just in case you need an MRT map, you can refer to the image shown below or click on the link to access it on your phone!

You can also download the “SG MRT” app on your phone, it’s free!


Other than the buses, to get around the school campus, NTU provides public electric scooters and bicycles. Just remember to park it neatly at its designated spots and treat it with care so that it doesn’t get damaged and others can access it in good condition.


At NTU, we mainly have 2 different type of buses passing our campus - the NTU campus loop and the SBS Transit Buses.


For NTU Campus Loop, there are:

  1. Red Loop

  2. Blue Loop

  3. Campus Rider

  4. Yellow Loop

All the routes can be seen from NTU website:


Furthermore, NTU has new express loop for red loop, blue loop, and campus rider. For red and blue express bus, they will operate on Monday - Friday from 8.00am - 10.00 am. For campus rider, it will operate on Monday to Friday at 4.45pm - 6.45pm. This express bus will save you from being left by an overly packed bus in the morning. The routes can also be seen from the link above.


For SBS Transit Bus, there are:

  1. 199 Bus Route:

  2. 179 Bus. Route:

  3. 179A Bus. Route:


179A is an express bus to Boon Lay. Please note that this bus only operate from 07.30am to  09.30am on weekdays only (179A does not operate on weekends). Buses 179 and 199 will end at Boon Lay Interchange. Bus 179 will pass Pioneer MRT station before reaching the Boon Lay interchange.


International students who are considering purchasing a car should reconsider the other available options as getting a car would mean that a large sum of money would need to be forked out, specifically to pay for the Certificate of Entitlement (COE). However, if the you are interested in driving around Singapore, there are rental options available for your choice.

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