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Streamlining Hall Applications for Semester 2

Updated: Jul 21

Dear Union Members,

Through continuous dialogue with NTU's Hall Council, we have identified significant difficulties faced by students who only wished to apply for hall accommodation in Semester 2, or had applied for exchange programs, leaves of absence, and professional internships in Semester 1. These students encountered challenges in securing hall accommodations upon their return to NTU for Semester 2 due to many students still stuck on the waitlist. This situation arose due to the practice of opening Semester 2 Hall applications only after clearing the waitlist from Semester 1, leading to uncertainty as the clearance time varied considerably.

Actions Taken

Working closely with NTU Hall Presidents, the NTU Students' Union (NTUSU) took proactive measures to address this issue. We developed a comprehensive proposal aimed at enhancing the hall accommodation application process for returning students. The proposal suggested dissolving the Semester 1 waitlist by the end of Semester 1 and introducing a second round of applications at the start of Semester 2. This change allows returning students in Semester 2 to apply for hall accommodation promptly. Furthermore, students who were on the waitlist during Semester 1 and were not offered hall accommodation could still re-apply during the Semester 2 application period.

Starting from the upcoming academic year AY23/24, the revised hall application timeline will be implemented. Students interested in applying for hall accommodation for Semester 2 will be pleased to note that the application process will begin earlier. An announcement will be made in November 2023, providing clear instructions and guidelines for the Semester 2 hall accommodation application. This streamlined process will help alleviate uncertainty and allow students to plan their housing arrangements more efficiently.

Do note that students will still be offered hall accommodation in accordance with the prevailing Hall Admission Scheme.

For more information, students may visit the Office of Campus Housing (OCH) for more details on Applications for Hall Accommodation in Academic Year 2023-24.

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