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Hall Boarding Scheme

Updated: Jul 21

Dear Union Members,

NTUSU has recognised the growing issue of students subletting their hall rooms online. This

practice raised several significant concerns, including housing non-NTU students on campus, potential accountability issues during fire hazards, and the overall safety of students living on campus.

Actions Taken

The Union has engaged in in-depth discussions with key University leaders to propose a Hall

Boarding Scheme to address the challenges arising from subletting.

The Hall Boarding Scheme will allow unsuccessful hall applicants to partner with an existing hall resident, sharing the hall accommodation on a flexible basis. This initiative was designed to accommodate students who only require the use of hall accommodations for a few days per week during the semester.

Throughout the development of this scheme, NTUSU provided valuable feedback and recommendations. We highlighted the importance of closely managing the number of students registered under each hall's nominal roll, taking into account potential financial constraints for hall JCRCs. Moreover, we identified and addressed potential loopholes that could be exploited to ensure the scheme's integrity and effectiveness.

On 30 March 2023, the Hall Boarding Scheme was launched. With the Hall Boarding Scheme in place, unsuccessful hall applicants now have an alternative option to secure on-campus housing by partnering with an existing hall resident. This arrangement not only helps address concerns related to subletting but also fosters a greater sense of community and cooperation among students.

For more information, students may visit the Office of Campus Housing (OCH) for more details on the Hall Boarding Scheme.

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