NTUSU Freshmen Booklet

Coming to NTU? This booklet includes everything you need to know to help you acclimatise into your first year in University. Find a jargon-free guide around NTU, tips to triumph in Star Wars and the lowdown on the best food on campus. 

NTUSU Clubs and Societies Guide

NTU prides itself on its bustling campus life, boasting over 180 clubs and organisations which make up the heartbeat of your experience in NTU. Ranging from constituent clubs (which consist of all Academic Clubs, NTU Students’ Union, Cultural Activities Club, Welfare Services Club and Sports Club) to non-constituent clubs, there’s bound to be something for you in this booklet. 

NTUSU International Students' Booklet

Coming to NTU from overseas to pursue your studies may be daunting. This booklet will help you kickstart your journey here in Singapore! Look out for some fundamental things you have to get done upon your arrival and support systems you may reach out to!

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