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why ntuperks?

Brand Loyalty

You will be able to reach out directly to the student population, a suitable clientele of your services and products. NTU students will be a potential loyal customer base for your company as their brand perception and purchasing behaviour will ensue not only tomorrow but into the future. 

Targeted Marketing

NTUSU offers a direct outreach to 31,687 students, 8,383 academicians and staff members. From social media platforms to monthly Students’ Union mass emails, our partners can leverage on our various innovative publicity mediums. 

Long term meaningful partnership

We are constantly on the lookout for dynamic and vibrant companies to work with, and we believe that we can form a mutually beneficial long-term partnership with you. You will be able to tap onto the students as a customer base and at the same time, increase the welfare of our students. 

Keen to reach out to 32,000 students today?

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