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Spice up your NTU life by joining the university's rich selection of co-curricular activities (CCAs). These CCAs help to propagate NTU's vibrant and inclusive culture as well as a platform to share knowledge and experiences.

What CCAs are there in NTU?

Students' Union

The Nanyang Technological University Students’ Union (NTUSU) is the largest student organization in NTU that is representative of all matriculated, full-time, undergraduate students. The NTUSU is dedicated to advancing the interests of the students it serves through providing services, facilities and representation. Also committed to creating a dynamic campus life and providing quality experiences for the student population, the NTUSU constantly comes up with initiatives and projects that aim to promote a sense of community among the students in NTU.

Academic Constituent Clubs

The Academic Constituent Clubs organise initiatives to promote student work-life balance, as well as liaise with their respective administrations on academic matters. Such events include the annual Inter-School Games (ISG), where various clubs collaborate to foster community spirit.

Big 3

The Big 3 Clubs refer to the 3 non-academic constituent clubs that are a part of the Students' Union – Cultural Activities Club, Sports Club, and Welfare Services Club. They focus on the non-academic development of the members, such as cultural activities, sports and welfare services. They encourage further interaction between students from different schools. Activities are designed for members to develop holistically as well-rounded individuals.


The Varsity Sports Clubs comprise a variety of competitive sports that will simultaneously challenge you to push beyond your limits and forge a strong bond with a like-minded community.

Special Interests Clubs

Special Interests Clubs enable the NTU population to experience new things as well as their interests. Find out and try joining our array of clubs about Animal Welfare, Business and Entrepreneurship, Community Service, and more! 

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