The NTUSU Executive Committee leads multiple committees and offices to support the day to day operations of the Union.


Akin to an organisation with corporate communications, human resources, operations, finances, student relations and events planning capabilities.


We have 22 committees in total which are supported by nearly 500 students (known as Ussociates).

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Edward Lim Xun Qian
NTUSU President
Tiffany Choo Ying Xuan
Vice-President (Corporate Communications)

Happy New Year to all our fellow Union Members! As the 29th NTU Students' Union (NTUSU) approaches the coming semester, we look back at our hard work and also look forward to exciting new projects we have planned for the near future. As students, we all share challenges both as a collective and also as individuals. 2020 promises to be an exciting year for us with many new initiatives and projects in the pipeline as we continue to work to create a better university experience for you and our student community – individuals, student organizations and the larger community.

Message from the President:

New Year, New Initiatives.

As students living in the age of social media and relativism, the NTUSU Executive Committee appreciates the importance of building a culture for students to be your own best, particularly in the areas we aim to improve, such as Mental Health, Empowerment, Climate Change and Employability. Every NTU student counts and has a key role in shaping the university experience for all of us. As such, the NTUSU Executive Committee will work tirelessly to ensure you (students) will remain the central focus of our journey in NTU. As part of that, here are some initiatives we have worked on in the past semester:


  • Launch of U-Wave, an all-in-one campus app that helps bring you added convenience and accessibility to campus services and student initiatives. On the U-Wave app, you will be able to find information for bus timings, upcoming event details, class timetable, exam schedule and student discounts via NTUPerks. Peer level discussions student clubs/societies can now upload events on their own! Students are now in the driver’s seat in promoting our own clubs and events. 

  • Fireside Chats to keep students up to date with industry demands in discussions and sharing sessions.

  • Community Inclusiveness, introduction of integration based events, student tours, and policy recommendations.

  • Full review of our Campus Transport System with proposal to Housing Auxiliary Services for changes to the school campus bus system, including addition of more buses, improving the quality of service, reduced bunching and also increase of information.

  • Increasing effective communication with students on various levels, ranging from constituent clubs, non-constituent clubs and Hall Councils. We also expanded our communication with you on various outlets like email, social media channels and other various online platforms.

  • Improved Orientation, engaging with school on their proposed changes to orientation and mediated upcoming changes to ensure an optimal experience for both freshmen and seniors.

  • Reviewing NTUSU's governance structure to support and reflect our increasingly broadened activities and ensure that we’re in the best position to develop new activities.


Mental health, Empowerment, Climate Change and Employability are the key areas NTUSU will to continue to focus on in the coming year ahead. We have prepared several extensive initiatives which I promise will improve our campus life, so stay tuned to our various social media channels.


Students are of the utmost importance and the need and will for us to merge our efforts are ever-growing. I hope you will all join me in looking forward to the coming year. On behalf of my fellow Executive Committee, Ussociates and Council members, I wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year 2020.



Bryan Michael Chiew


29th NTU Students’ Union

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