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Talks, Workshops, and Self-Help resources: http://www.ntu.edu.sg/studentwellbeing/ourservices/Pages/WorkshopsForStudents.aspx


Scholars Engagement

  • NTU Scholarships, namely ASEAN Scholarship and the NTU Science and Engineering Scholarships, are offered to international undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance and other achievements. Aside from aiming for academic excellence, NTU scholars are encouraged to pursue holistic developments by learning beyond their curriculum and learning more about Singapore

  • http://www.ntu.edu.sg/SAO/WhoWeAre/SWII/ScholarsEngagement/Pages/index.aspx

Student Development

  • Students learn to build skills in social responsibility, leadership, integrity, creativity and communication through experiential learning outside the classroom. There are many organisations which can expand the different skills students will gain from university life. Such activities include representation in the Students’ Union, volunteering opportunities, sports, performing arts and specialised interests such as board games, 3D printing and robotics, photography, astronomy and more.

  • For sport enthusiasts, NTU also provides students with a wide variety of physical and mental sports such as ball games, racquet games, field sports, adventure and water sports, martial arts, and mind games such as international chess, contract bridge, and weiqi.

Student Community Engagement

  • Student Community Engagement provides you with the opportunity to make a difference through positive social actions. As a student of NTU, you can play an important role in bettering your world for yourself and the community.

  • Outreach Efforts:

    • Weekly volunteer programmes spearheaded by the NTU Welfare Service Club (WSC) that serve the young, the underprivileged and people with special needs.

    • Overseas community projects in the ASEAN region and beyond - www.ntu.edu.sg/SAO/OverseasExposureProgrammeVideoGallery/Pages/index.aspx

    • Volunteer 360 Experience provides students with the opportunities to explore Singapore’s hidden communities.

    • #THEFORGOODSESSIONS is a program that aims to enhance students sense of social awareness and passion for community initiatives

    • Internships at non-profit organisations and social enterprises

  • To find out more about Student Community Engagement activities, visit www.ntu.edu.sg/sasd/communityengagement.

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