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Software Development for Embedded Systems

The project involves maintaining and extending on an open source code base for GovTech's very own prototyping board (called C01N). The C01N is an IoT device based on the ESP32 chipset. The C01N is awarded, as "appreciation medals" to recognise contributing members from the global cybersecurity community under the Government's Vulnerability Disclosure Programme (VDP).

The student is expected to:

1. Improve on the existing code base by debugging flaws that may exist in the current operating system
2. Extend on the existing app store to by writing additional applications. Including planting easter eggs
3. Write an instruction manual on how to get started with working / hacking with the C01N
4. Write technical blogs and articles to show case examples of projects that can be done with the C01N
5. Aid in the production process of sourcing, designing, and assembling electronic hardware components at scale


1. Prior experience working with protoyping boards like Arduino, ESP32, and/or Raspberry Pi
2. Familiar with GIT
3. Self-starter