Dear students affected by COVID-19, NTUSU understands the difficulties in securing an internship position in trying a situation like this. 

NTUSU has pooled together companies who would like to lend a helping hand to our Union Members. 

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Modernised Web/Apps Tech Exploration Project

To augment the CTMO team in ramping up our tech exploration on modernised web/apps development. Scope of work may include:

1. Study the leading web/apps devt technology trend such as Progressive Web Apps, Low Code, API+Microservices, etc to assess the merit of each in the context of SVC's Apps Modernisation effort
2. Setup prototypes/POCs to demonstrate how the proposed "To Be" solution landscape
3. Prepare materials for the purpose of solution showcase or sharing with SVC officers


1. Keen interest in web/apps development technologies
2. Familiar with web/apps programming and the modern apps programming languages
3. Hand-on & resourceful individual who aren't afraid of exploring/trying out new ideas/solutions on his/her own