NTU campus has 24 halls in total and all of them have their own:

  • Lounges equipped with a TV and sofas .
  • Reading rooms, which are usually air-conditioned, where you can find tables, chairs and cubicles to study.
  • Computer rooms where you can have access to free internet and printing services.
  • Pantries providing hot water dispenser, microwave and usually 2 induction cookers. However, no common fridge is provided. Students can install their own fridge in their rooms and pay a fee every semester.
  • Laundry rooms equipped with washing machines and dryers operated by new $1 coins (30 min/cycle).
  • Iron and iron board are also provided for free.
  • Residents are required to bring their own cleaning agents.
All rooms come with a study table and chair, a wardrobe with a full-length mirror, cupboards/shelves and drawers, a bed and a ceiling fan. Residents have to purchase their own pillows and bedsheets.

Which hall is the most suitable for me?

At this stage, you’re all probably wondering which hall is the best right? Well, here are some information which can help you:

  • Hall 4, hall 5 and hall 7 are the closest to South Spine, Canteen B.
  • Hall 3 and hall 16 are the closest to North Spine, Canteen A.
  • Binjai, Tanjong, Banyan, Saraca, Tamarind and Meranti Halls are the newest halls of residences.
  • The newer the hall of residences, the better the amenities provided. However, rooms are smaller and narrower compared to older halls (Hall 1, 2 and 7) where rooms are relatively more spacious.
  • Any volleyball amateurs around? Pioneer and Crescent halls are definitely the place to be.
  • Any tennis/basketball amateurs? Hall 7 has its own basketball court and 2 tennis courts which have to be booked, with priority given to Hall 7 residents.
  • Want to keep fit? Meranti/ Saraca/ Tamarind Halls have THE biggest gym of NTU.
  • Food lovers? No worry, most halls have their own canteen.
  • CATS? Someone said cats? Yes! Most halls have hall cat(s) and they are very friendly since NTU’s Cat Management Network feeds them daily. Each hall has its Cat Society.

    The map below provides you with a snapshot of our halls of residences.

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