When is the check-in period?

  • NTU New Students is 31 Jul 18 (Tue)
  • NTU New International Students is 23 Jul 18 (Mon)
  • Exchange Students is 07 Aug 18 (Tue)
  • NTU Senior Students is 11 Aug 18 (Sat), between 1400hrs to 1745hrs
More information:

Can I still stay in hall over the holidays?

You are already charged for your stay during the winter holiday, so yes. However, you are only expected to move out after your finals in Semester 2 and you need to fill in the circular accordingly if you wish to stay longer. Possible to continue staying for most of the summer holidays, but is subject to approval from the hall office.

Can I change my room during the semester?

Yes, but it is subjected to approval from the hall office and vacancies in the hall/room type that you want.

Freshmen are assured of hostel for 2 years. Can I stay in the same room/hall for my second year?

If you meet the minimum general cut-off weight (GCW), you will have priority if you are applying for the same room. The GCW is dependent on the demand and supply of hostel spaces. More information:

How often are the hall fees charged?

You will be billed every semester for the whole duration unless you decide to withdraw prematurely.

What are the fees to pay if I want to bring in a mini fridge for my room?

You have to buy the fridge on your own. Then you have write-in to hall office to obtain an approval for the mini fridge before you can start using it. The fee is $80 per semester and it will be charged to your hostel bill.

How is the room allocation done? Are students allowed to choose their room? Will returning residents have priority to the same room?

If a returning resident is successful in his or her application, he or she will be given priority to the same room if he or she has indicated it as the preferred room in the application. Computer balloting is carried out to when there are more returning residents applied back to the same Hall than the number of rooms set aside for senior students for each Hall. This is not applicable to students in the Premier Scholar Programmes applying for either Crescent Hall or Pioneer Hall. If there is more than one applicant vying for the same room, the room will be allocated by ballot. Allocation is done through a computerised system.

Will I still be able to stay on campus after the first and second year?

To provide students with an opportunity to experience and to enjoy a distinctive residential environment that integrates learning and living on-campus, all new undergraduates are guaranteed a place in a Hall of Residence for their first two years of study when they apply during the hall application exercise.

After the second year, applicants are required to satisfy the minimum Campus Life Involvement Criterion and meet the General Cut-Off Weight (GCW) to be eligible to apply for Hall. The GCW is determined by the demand and supply of hall places. This is to encourage students to be more involved in school activities. Thus, the school and OHAS are in the midst of building a better scheme and we seek your kind understanding.

What do I do if there is defect in my room?

You may report the defect and make a work request online. Go to Studentlink -> Others -> Hostel Repair Works. You may also contact your hall office.

How do I provide feedback and suggestions?

We welcome your feedback and ideas. Please send your email to HAS Undergraduate Housing:

What are the hotlines that I should be aware of for emergencies in hall?

  • Fault Reporting and Security Hotline (for emergency repairs, security matters, rules enforcement & pest control): 6790 4777 (24 hours)

  • Center for IT Services (CITS) Helpdesk( 6790 5228

  • NTU Medical Center (SS3-B2-5): 6793 6828 / 6974

  • Student Counselling Centre (SSC-05-7): 6790 4462

  • Police (for emergencies only): 999

  • Fire or emergency ambulance: 995

  • Non-emergency ambulance: 1777


Are modules automatically assigned in Y1S1?

Yes, the modules are automatically assigned in semester 1. However, you can still make changes during the add/drop period.

When are the final exams held?

It is usually held during the 15th and 16th week of each semester. Which is around November in semester 1 and End April – Start May for Semester 2. You can check the exact dates using the STARS planner.

How and when do I apply for a minor?

You can declare your intention to pursue a minor online at the following link. The declaration period is stated in the website as well: NIE students have to consult the NIE Office of Academic Administration and Services (OAAS) if they have intention to pursue a minor.

How many minors can I pursue?

You can pursue up to 2 minors. More information:

Where can I find past year papers?

There are a few ways to obtain them. One, you can obtain some of them from NTU’s library website. Secondly, some academic clubs will provide the past year papers and solutions in their website. Thirdly, you can request them from your lecturer.

Can I seat in other lectures for fun?

Yes, if there are enough seats.

Can outstanding students graduate earlier in a shorter duration?

You can only graduate if you fulfil your AU requirements and minimum candidature. The minimum candidature for 3-year and 4-year programmes are 3 years and 3.5 years respectively.

Where can I access past FYP/research papers?

You can find articles/NTU papers/e-journals and past year exam papers through our NTU library resource bank:

When is the period to declare S/U Options?

Students will receive a notification email on the declaration period for the current semester before the recess week. Students are responsible to check and adhere to the scheduled deadline in the email and website. During the middle of the semester, you will also be notified via email of the online declaration system for Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Option.

Why can’t we see our results before choosing to S/U it?

The University Management believes that the S/U option is part of broader efforts to nurture a holistic learning environment that puts less emphasis on grades and focuses more on learning and exploring courses beyond their core disciplinary studies. The University Management believes that the current S/U declaration period up to two working days after the last exam paper of the semester gives students sufficient time to weigh their choices of either opting for grade or S/U notation, rather than as a means to pull up their GPA. By maintaining S/U at status quo and coupled with other academic initiatives aimed at shifting emphasis away from examination as the only major component of academic performance, the University can continue to nurture a holistic learning environment that ultimately aims to produce well-rounded graduates. NTUSU is constantly engaging both students and the management on this matter.

Contact points for common academic matters:

For enquiries on Matriculation/Change of Programme/Leave of Absence
Tel: 6592-2451

For enquiries on Course Registration
Tel: 6592-2445/ 2446

For enquiries on Undergraduate Exchange Matters
Tel: 6592-2445
(incoming students from overseas universities to NTU only)

For enquiries on Examinations/ Transcripts / Medals & Prizes/ Degree Certificates
Tel: 6592-2447/ 2448


Can we increase the frequency of shuttle buses in school?

NTUSU and HAS have been working on alleviating the main issue of bunching and we understand that increasing the frequency of shuttle buses would counter those efforts. During peak hours, HAS and NTUSU have collaborated to implement the express shuttle bus services to alleviate the hotspots that HAS has identified. NTUSU is working closely with the Housing and Auxiliary Services (HAS) to explore ways to improve the transportation services in campus.

Why are we discontinuing buses for the heartland shuttle services when it is always packed?

The discontinuation of the heartland shuttle services at Marine Parade and last bus trips at Pasir Ris, Tampines Seng Kang, Bukit Gombak is a decision by Housing and Auxiliary Services (HAS) in consideration of consistently low ridership. NTUSU is currently working closely with HAS, collating concerns from the student body and highlighting the challenges to them. We hope to seek your patience and understanding.


Does NTUSU have any initiatives better integrate international students into the University life?

NTUSU’s Student Integration Committee aims to integrate students of various cultures and nationalities to bring about a cohesive student body. They hold a yearly event “Confluence” to ensure that local and international students are able to understand and appreciate the intricacies of each other’s cultures. You can reach out to them at or check out their Instagram at @ntusu.sic.

What is the scheme for Living Accommodation on Campus?

All freshmen (regardless of being local or International Students) are guaranteed on-campus accommodation for the first two years. Post that, the details for the eligibility of hall accommodation and choosing one’s preferred Hall can be found in the Hall Admission Scheme (HAS) at (note: Annex A has been removed).

What are all the important Documents that are required before I arrive at Singapore?

A detailed account of all documents required can be found at

Are there any emergency contacts that I can refer to?

Name Hotline

Police 999

Nanyang Neighbourhood Police Centre 6792 9999

NTU Campus Security and Emergency 6790 5200 (24-hours)

Fire or emergency ambulance 995

Non-emergency ambulance 1777


Where can I enquire about school fees?

If you have any enquiries regarding Student Tuition Fee and Miscellaneous Fee Billing, you send an email to Apart from this you could always drop by at One Stop @SAC in North Spine. You could also view your current case at One Stop @SAC online at

Who can I contact for queries regarding hostel fees?

If you have any queries regarding Hostel billing you can send a mail to your respective Hall office or send a mail to

Are there any scholarships applicable to me?

There are short term scholarships available to current undergraduate students from NTU as well as external organisations. Usually these scholarships are given based on academic performance. More information and applications details can be found at

What is the criteria for Bursaries and how to apply for them?

NTU provides financial assistance in the form of bursaries. Eligibility and amounts that can be granted are given in detail at


How do I lodge a harassment complaint?

Multiple channels are available to any member of the University community to report any concerns or complaints of harassment.

A student facing or witnessing harassment may report it by contacting Campus Security (tel: 6790-5200), the Student Affairs Office (email:, their immediate professor or school officer for assistance.

You may also write in to if you would like to talk to a peer from NTUSU.

Who can I contact in case of emergency?

Health, Safety and Emergency

General Enquires –

IIRF Enquires –

Training Enquires – safety training syllabus related enquires only –

NTU Institutional Biosafety Committee –

Our address: Office of Health, Safety and Emergency, 50 Nanyang Avenue, NS2-05-36, Singapore 639798.

Campus Security Division

NTU 24-hour Security Hotline – 6790 5200

NTU 24-hour Fault Reporting – 6790 4777

Email –

Our address: 50 Nanyang Avenue, North Spine NS1-B1-01, Singapore 639798.

* When calling 999 or 995 for POLICE or SCDF for emergency cases, please also call our hotline 6790 5200 so that we can guide the authorities promptly to the scene.


How do I join a CCA?

You can head down to the CCA Booths during the annual CCA fair held annually during Welcome Week, which enables interest groups, clubs and societies to showcase their work and talents, and recruit members.

Alternatively, you can email the respective clubs here.

How do I start my own CCA?

You could check out the ‘To learn more about organising student activities’ link at

Should you have further questions, do feel free to email us!

I would like to book the Lyon mascot for my club activities. How do I go about doing that?

You may write in to NTUSU Vice President (Corporate Communications) at for more information. Do note that there is a $100 deposit.


How do I remove my old timetable and add a new one?

Upon opening the U-Wave app, find the setting to reset your timetable at the top right corner of the timetable page. Should you do not see it, kindly update the app from the Google Play/AppStore.


When can I start to borrow book from the school library?

You can start borrowing them as soon as you obtain your matriculation card.

Where can I purchase textbooks in NTU?

You can buy them from the bookstore, BOOKLINK, beside Prime Supermarket.

Where can I find printing/photocopying services in NTU?

You can find them at all the libraries in NTU and beside the student activity centre. More information can be found here:

What medical services are there on campus?

Fullerton Healthcare (It is located at the University Health Service Building beside Student Services Centre)

Monday to Friday:
8.30am to 9.00pm
(last registration 30 mins before closing)

9.30am to 12.00pm
(last registration at 11.30am)

Sunday & Public Holidays:

NTU Chinese Medicine Clinic @ School of Biological Sciences (It is located at the lobby of School of Biological Sciences.)

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat:
9.00am to 5.30pm
(last registration at 5.00pm)

Tue and Thu:
9.00am to 9.30pm
(last registration at 9.00pm)

I would like to book a TR/Studio/Room? How do I go about doing that?

Tutorial Room at Hive/Arc would require booking by a student organisation. The PDR [1] at Arc can be booked by students through iNTU -> Student Link -> Others.

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