Every year, the NTU Students' Union organises a myriad of events with the help of our 400+ Ussociates to create an unforgettable and wholesome student life experience for our students. On top of those listed below, there are many other

ad-hoc events that the Union members organise based on the needs and wants of the student population.

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Open House is an annual affair, which the Union plays a huge part in organising, to showcase the University to the prospective students and the public.


It is a one-day event with carnival-like activities, tours of the campus, and many exciting performances.


School and programme booths are set up for interested parties to find out more and get their queries answered.


Ministerial Forum is a yearly forum organised by the Ministerial Forum Committee to provide a platform for members to engage in discussion about the current affairs of Singapore with an invited Minister. 



Having founded in 1997, UOC has always been known to be one of the major orientation programme every NTU student has to sign up for in their freshmen year.


Hosted by generations of students, all tied together by their orientation group bloodline, UOC is rich in orientation culture and traditions.


Bonded by the various practices and events, UOC forges an unbreakable bond amongst those who have experienced it first-hand.

UOC does not discriminate, nor does it segregate.


We are a warm community, or rather, a family as we call ourselves, who eagerly look forward to welcoming new batches of freshmen every year.

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Welcome week is a vibrant 2-day event held in the first week of every academic year. It aims to welcome both freshmen and seniors to NTU.


It hosts the largest exhibition of Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) booths, coupled with fun-filled activities in the day relaxing activities at night. It seeks to appeal to both freshmen and seniors and help them to achieve a vibrant student-life.


The Union Day is the day for all NTU students to exercise their voting rights to choose the next batch of student leaders. It also serves to commemorate the outgoing student leaders for their hard work in the past one year.


To encourage student advocacy and leadership, awareness campaigns will be held to educate all students on the importance of participating in elections.


Candidates who represent the 14 academic constituent clubs and the 3 non-academic constituent clubs (CAC, WSC and Sports Club) of the NTUSU will be voted on the Union Day.


Prior to the voting day, running candidates are required to go through a round of nominations and rallies, where they are given an opportunity to persuade other students to vote for them.


NTU Fest is an annual event for the NTU Community to celebrate the start of the new academic year. It is organised by Students’ Union and strongly supported by the University. On the event day, there will be carnival, showcase, concert and run.

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