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Find information regarding NTU Union Elections 2022 below.

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Nomination Notice

If you are keen to run as a candidate for the Elections, you must fulfil 2 Nomination Forms (1 e-Nomination Form and 1 Online Nomination on the e-Voting Platform). The e-Nomination form will be sent out by the respective clubs following this notice. The e-Voting platform will be launched on 22 August 2022.


Please also refer to the timeline of the Elections below:


More information about the Elections procedures (including the e-Nomination forms, Rally and Voting) will be released by the respective Election Committees via their communication channels and our social media channels. Please approach the following Returning Officers if you require any assistance from your respective Constituent Clubs.


The respective Constituent Clubs’ Election Committees will facilitate the AY22/23 Elections.

Returning Officers

Returning officers

Students’ Accountancy and Business Club
Eliza Wong En Xin
Students’ Art, Design and Media Club
Cheng Wee Tang, Sean
Students’ Asian School of Environment Club
Mohamed Nabil Bin Mohamed Yazeed
Students’ Biological Sciences Club
Yeo Chi Kiat
Students’ Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Club
Er Wei Leong Leonard
Students’ Civil and Environmental Engineering Club
Sean Chew
Students’ Communication and Information Club
Tang Sher Yee Aurora
Students’ Computer Science and Engineering Club
Gia Lim
Students’ Electrical and Electronic Engineering Club
Michelle Andrea Budiarto
Students’ Humanities Club
Ng Ting Ern
Students’ Social Sciences Club
Xavier Ler Xun Jie
Students’ Medical Society
Keane Loi Jun Yi
Students’ Material Science and Engineering Club
Lee Jung Tou
Students’ Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Club
Lim Jia Xing Gerald
Students’ Physical and Mathematical Sciences Club
Samantha Tan Khim Yan
NIE Student Teachers’ Club
Alisa Choong Hwee Xuan
Cultural Activities Club
Paris Melody Tan Reis
Sports Club
Ng Ling Lin Kym
Welfare Services Club
Ng Ashley

Candidates who wish to run for a position in the NTUSU Executive Committee will first have to run as an “Union Executive Committee Representative” for a Constituent Club of which they are a member of. Only upon being elected as Union Executive Committee Representative, the candidate shall proceed to run for a NTUSU Executive Committee member position during the Council Elections. 


Union Executive Committee Representative that fails to secure a NTUSU Executive Committee member position shall submit their resignation to the Council.

For more information regarding the Election Process, please refer to our upcoming Instagram Post or approach your respective Club Elections Committee.

All further enquires may be directed to the Chief Returning Officer, Chloe Leong, at su-

You may find archive on past rally minutes and elections results here.

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