Presidential Message for International Students Regarding COVID-19

7 April 2020

Update on Covid-19 on NTU Campus

07 February 2020




With the COVID-19 situations, students living in Leave of Absence (LoA) facilities and Government Quarantine Facility (GQF) can feel lonely and isolated.


NTU Students' Union Executive Committee and NTU Staff have since rallied together to deliver breakfast, lunch and dinner every day to the affected students. ⁣

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On 3 February 2020, together with the help of NTU Senior Management, Trainee Teachers' Club and NTU Hall 10 council, our NTUSU EXCOs and Ussociates went one step further by giving out welfare packs to students on LOA and in our GQFs at Graduate Hall 1.


We spent the entire afternoon packing comfort food and drinks in an effort to help these students feel more at home and raise their spirits. ⁣It is easy to fall into the trap of xenophobia and alienating these students despite the LoA being a precautionary measure - they are all healthy and well! Minister of Education, Minister for Education, Ong Ye Kung also joined us in the process. A big thank you to everyone who gave a big helping hand in this community effort.


The evolving COVID-19 situation has affected Singaporeans in several ways, especially our unsung heroes have been working endlessly in ensuring that disruptions made to our student life are kept to the minimal.

To show appreciation, NTUSU EXCOs along with some of our Ussociates delivered welfare packs consisting of hand sanitisers, masks and more to frontline workers of NTU.



Can I exercise the S/U Option for all modules?

In light of the COVID-19 situation, NTUSU understands that there are uncertainties and inconveniences brought upon our academic term. We have consulted with the University to allow students to exercise the S/U option for all undergraduate courses taken in Semester 2 of AY2019/20. This one-off S/U option for this Semester (AY2019/20 Semester 2) will not be counted towards the quota of your S/U for the entire candidature. There is no S/U option in postgraduate programmes.

Can I see my grades first before S/U?

The SU option policy is part of the University’s policy to encourage students to explore subjects beyond their core curriculum without worrying about their grades. This is in tandem with other academic policies and remains despite the recent change of the S/U Option for this semester.

Can I change my options before the declaration deadline?

You may change your options during the declaration period. No amendments or appeals can be made after the deadline, which is 12 May 2020, 10pm.

Why are on-campus exams, quizzes and tests for undergraduate courses cancelled?

In line with the additional safe distancing measures implemented at the national level, on-campus exams, quizzes and tests for undergraduate courses are cancelled due to the need for further enhanced physical and social distancing on campus.

Since exams have been cancelled, what happens if I fail my course?

Your respective school will administer supplementary assessment that does not require you to be on campus. This could be in the form of an online oral examination, paper, project, report, essay or assignment. You are encouraged to reach out to your professors or course coordinators for further enquiries.

I was supposed to go exchange but it was cancelled. Can I also exercise the S/U Option?

NTUSU and the University Management have been working closely to ensure that students affected by by the trip suspension and recall were equitably supported. Students whose exchange programmes were affected will be able to exercise the S/U option for all undergraduate courses taken in Special Term I and II AY19/20 and/or in Semester 1 AY20/21. The normal semester load of 16-18 AUs will still apply and the one-off S/U option will not be counted towards the S/U quota for the entire candidature.

Can the school help me to find internships during this period?

Students may seek internship opportunities on CareerAxis NTU that would allow them to telecommute and gain valuable industry experience. You may also reach out to your course coordinators should they have resources. Alternatively, students whose exchange for AY19/20 Semester 2 was cancelled or internship offer got rescinded due to the COVID-19 situation can apply for the Joint Internship Platform by NTUSU here.

Can I go overseas exchange/internship in AY20/21 Sem 1?

The Government has announced stricter border controls that will require all Long-Term Pass (LTP) holders, including Student’s Pass (STP) and Dependant’s Pass (DP) holders, to obtain prior approval before entering Singapore.
Due to the dynamic COVID-19 situation, many of NTU’s partner universities have also informed us that they are unable to confirm, or are not processing students' applications for exchanges in Semester 1, Academic Year 2020/2021. In view of this, all overseas exchanges (incoming and outgoing) in Semester 1, Academic Year 2020/2021 are suspended until further notice.
Students affected by this suspension are required to register for NTU courses for AY2020/2021 Semester 1 in June 2020, together with the rest of the students. Affected students should approach their respective School undergraduate coordinators for assistance and advice.

International Students

Can I leave Singapore for the holidays?

All Long-Term Pass holders, including Student’s Pass holders, must not travel overseas, either for official or personal purposes. Based on current travel restrictions, those who decide to travel abroad or to return to their home country are unlikely to get approval from the authorities to return to Singapore until border controls are lifted. Should you strongly wish to return home, the University will still assist in the application process to return to your home country.
However, it is important to note that these are governmental guidelines and that the Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA) may be strict on approving travel outbound of Singapore, especially social in nature with the intention to return in the near future. Do take note that it is possible for the border controls to remain in place and students might not make it back to Singapore in time for the next semester. Such students may expect to be served 1 or possibly 2 Semesters’ Leave of Absence (LOA), or until approval is granted for their return by the Singapore Government.

What do I do if I require financial assistance?

encourage you to reach out to your Pastoral Care Managers or Associate Chairs of the respective schools to seek assistance. Students who still face difficulties after doing so are advised to write to NTUSU ( and we will look into the matter.

What services are open in school?

Food and essential services will remain open. Please refer here for the full list and the operating hours.
NTU shuttle bus services on campus will also operate daily from 8am to 11pm.

Who can I contact if I need help?

You may write in to NTUSU’s Student Integration Executive who is in charge of overseeing international students in NTU at, or