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Academic and Non-Academic Clubs

The Council is the legislative branch of the Union, created to serve the interests of the NTU student population.

The Council regularly debates and reviews policies. This keeps NTUSU cognizant of the needs of and expectations from our students, and ensures that the Union's policies and functions are consistent with its objectives over time. Additionally, the Council assists the Union in meeting all of the latter's legal and financial obligations.

The Council is led by the Council Chairperson, who sees to that the objectives of the Council are executed correctly and appropriately.


The Nanyang Technological University Students’ Union (NTUSU) consists of:

Academic Constituent Clubs (ACC)

Non-Academic Constituent Clubs (NACC)

NTUSU Executive Committee (Exco) 


The ACCs and NACCs represent the interests of their members, collectively encapsulating the student population. The Exco is responsible for implementing the decisions made by the Council.


The Academic Constituent Clubs organise initiatives to promote student work-life balance, as well as liaise with their respective administrations on academic matters. Such events include the annual Inter-School Games (ISG), where various clubs collaborate to foster community spirit.

Each Academic Constituent Club is represented by their President in the NTUSU Council.


The Non-Academic Constituent Clubs focus on the non-academic development of the members, such as cultural activities, sports and welfare services. They encourage further interaction between students from different schools. Activities are designed for members to develop holistically as well-rounded individuals.

Each Non-Academic Constituent Club is represented by their President, as well as either the Vice-President or Honorary General Secretary, in the NTUSU Council.



The council is also made of various standing committees and workgroups that focus on various projects. Standing committees cover three areas which are our Finance, Welfare and Sustainability Committee. Other workgroups are our Inter-school Games Workgroup, Elections Workgroup, and the Constitutional Workgroup.

These committees and workgroups plan and execute various initiatives across their own portfolio as a school-wide effort. They aim to improve what is at present, bringing about as many necessary changes that they can during their term.

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