Empowerment In NTU


As part of NTUSU’s Union Vision 2020, the Union has continuously pushed for students’ empowerment, by shaping the University’s social environment into a safe space for students to learn, grow and excel in their own areas.

Drawing many parallels from the Mental Health leg, the Union recognises the importance of self-respect and respecting others, especially in this day and age. Therefore, we have been working hard in creating platforms for students to reach out and share with qualified peer helpers, as well as coming up with initiatives to share less-known facts about self-empowerment.

We Are Working Towards

Harassment Free
Peer Level Support
Equal Opportunities For All

Regardless of race, gender, languages or religion.

Work with NTU Management to construct and advocate a strong harassment-free framework and infrastructure.

Provide support to students affected.

Empowerment Initiatives

Union Empowerment Committee

The Union Empowerment Committee, originally a workgroup, has been formed and committee members will undergo training by the University Wellbeing Centre to be prepared to respond properly to potential cases. UEC will also support the Union in achieving the various empowerment goals.

Board of Discipline

The President and Vice-Presidents of NTUSU will sit in the Board of Discipline to ensure students' concerns are represented in disciplinary cases.

Focus Group Discussions

The Information and Research Committee of NTUSU had conducted 4 sessions of focus group discussions on the topic of Campus Wellbeing.

This includes areas on harassment and mental health resources. Results from the discussion will be taken into consideration for upcoming initiatives and future improvements policies, facilities and resources in NTU.

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