Sustainability In NTU


As part of NTUSU’s Union Vision 2020, the Union has increasingly placed more emphasis on substainability efforts and initives within the University.⁣

We have been working hard to incorporate the importance of sustainability into our day to day lives, to move towards a more eco-friendly school environment and ultimately, a more sutainable way of life.

We Are Working Towards

Reduce Impact
Create Environment
Pledge To 
UN Sustainable Development goal
Share Knowledge

#12 Responsible Consumption and Production, #13 Climate Action and #15 Life on Land.

Incorporate sustainability in our day-to-day practices and actions.

Engage in knowledge sharing with members and the wider student community on sustainable practices.

Bring like-minded people together for interaction and collaboration.

Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Taskforce

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The taskforce aims to improve sustainability engagement with NTU students, through green events, volunteering and campaigns. The committee will also develop the sustainability practices and credentials at NTUSU, its constituent clubs and the wider NTU Community.

Sustainability Checklist

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In our moves towards a greener EcoCampus and to reduce our carbon footprint, NTUSU is currently in the midst of devicing a sustainability checklist with the intention to help event organisers identify tangible sustainability goals in their events.

Taking steps to integrate sustainable practices through the checklist will benefit the environment and contribute to a greener campus altogether.

Youth Talk with Dr. Amy Khor

Youth Talk (Selected)-3.jpg

At the last Youth Talk, NTUSU invited Dr. Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State in the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources to engage with our student.

This panel also included Ms. Pek from Zero Waste SG as well as Ms. Lastrina from Singapore Youth for Climate Action.



NTUSU's flagship welfare event, U-Study has been implementing go-green efforts to do our part for the environment and advocating sustainability to the student population.

Some efforts include the removal of paper pamphlets, usage of reusable bags and reduction of plastic wastage.