Student Employability


As part of NTUSU's Union Vision 2020, the Union hopes to continue to pioneer the discourse of student employability. ⁣

We firmly believe in hiring beyond grades and are connstantly working towards creating opportunities to help our students be future-ready.

We Are Working Towards

Creating A Future Beyond Grades
Creating Opportunities

To help NTU students prepare and be future-ready.

Grades should not define us.

Employability Initiatives

Joint Internship Platform

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With many of you writing to us about your challenges after being recalled from exchange, had trips cancelled and internship offers rescinded, we have been busy contacting companies and partnering with them to provide professional work opportunities to ensure the impacts of COVID-19 are as minimal as possible. NTUSU is proud to present our pilot initiative, the Joint Internship Platform. 

The First Step


In the same vein as our flagship programme "The First Step" in 2019, NTUSU is in the midst of organising a career fair which aims to advocate for companies to hire beyond grades.

Subscribe to our various communication channels (below) for more info in due course.

Communication Channels

Fireside Chats

NTUSU invites a wide array of industry experts to our very own Fireside Chat sessions to give insight into the industry and share about their experiences.

Recent speakers include Ms. Yoeh Mongchin (lifestyle blogger & YouTuber), Ms. Charmian Tan (Radio Presenter) and Mr. Piyush Gupta (CEO of DBS Bank). Click the button to check out our upcoming events.