Student Integration Committee

SIC aims to integrate students of various cultures and nationalities to bring about a united body of students whereby local and international students are able to understand the intricacies of each other’s culture. Through the organization of a plethora of initiatives, we aim to bring about a platform for the interaction of local and international students in a dynamic school environment and help international students better acclimatize to the local context.

We promise to serve you to the fullest of our abilities by integrating all the local and international students, building strong connections not only within the confines of university life, but also beyond. The projects that we have undertaken, which are described below, serve to aid in bonding students and the raising awareness about the melting pot of cultures here in NTU.


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Confluence is a yearly event that serves to promote bonding between local and international students. During Confluence, various fun and engaging activities will be held with the aim of helping students to make friends with many other individuals and to better understand the sensitivities of each other’s culture. Through Confluence, we aim to nurture an caring and inclusive environment where students accept and respect one another.



Business Managers

Business managers source for sponsorship and negotiate the best terms with said clients. The Business Managers will also develop good interpersonal skills to liaise with corporate sponsors.

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Liaison officers serve as the bridge between SIC and the rest of our partners. They ensure that all our partners are kept in the loop about the event details.

Country liaisons play an active role in committee discussions and provide constant updates on their respective plans and events. They serve to provide a smoother transition for foreign students into university life.

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Publicity and Publication (P&P) Officers

P&P Officers are responsible for promoting the image of SIC. They also work closely with the Corporate Communications Committee of NTUSU to build on the branding of SIC through photography and videography.

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Programmers are in charge of planning the events. They ensure the smooth execution of the programs.

The programme director supervises the team of programmers and ensure that project objectives are met to the vision and standards set by lead members.

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Logistics personnel work closely with the programmers. They ensure that the logistics and manpower required for the event are available and oversee all logistical tasks on the day of event.

The Logistics director works closely with the programme director and acts a communication bridge between Logistic Officers and the Lead Committee.

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