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Initiatives by students, for students.


U-Fund is an initiative by the Union to provide financial assistance to needy members, through the disbursement of bursaries.

This resource pool is funded by donations solicited through events organized by the Students’ Fund Committee and profits from various Union services, such as U-Shop.

U-Fund’s bursaries can be applied for via the iNTU portal under financial assistance schemes, and successful applicants will be informed via their NTU Student Email Account. Students may email or contact 6790 4115 to arrange for an appointment with the financial aid officer.


Students can apply for U-Fund’s emergency grants by writing to NTUSU’s Honorary Financial Secretary at Disbursement of funds is evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Fund Management Committee. Students may email the Honorary Financial Secretary for more information.

Recent Projects


U-Fund's very first event, U-Thrift, partnered with online vintage store, VintageWknd, to bring thrifting into NTU. Their aim is to raise funds for the NTUSU Students' Fund with a 2-phase approach.

Phase 1: Collection

U-Fund kickstarted this event by collected pre-loved clothing items from the NTU Community with stringent collection guidelines to ensure that the collected items are of reusable conditions. Once collected, the U-Fund committee will go through each item thoroughly and clean the items to ensure that it is sanitary for sale.

Phase 2: IG Live with @ VINTAGEWKND

Collaborating with online vintage store, VintageWknd, we went live with them to hold a live sale on Instagram where all proceeds will be contributed to NTUSU Students' Fund.

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