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College of Business

Accountancy and Business Club.png

Accountancy & Business Club

Accountancy and Business Club is an

Academic Constituent Club that aims to create value for the students of NBS through our events and activities.

College of Science

Biological Sciences Club.png

Biological Science Club

The student-run Biological Sciences Club organises events such as the College of Sciences Day and Freshmen Orientation Programme. In addition, the Club committee members work with the School management to address issues that concern students, from academic matters to welfare matters and beyond.

College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

CI Club.webp

Communication & Information Club

The Communication and Information (CI) Club is the official student club that represents and serves the student body of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, NTU. The CI Club also enhances the vibrant school culture at WKWSCI, organising events and activities for the students to enjoy.

College of Art, Design and Media

ADM club.webp

Art, Design & Media Student


ADM Student Club promotes interaction, bonding and common identity among members of student body of the School of Art, Design and Media. We aim to promote the academic pursuits and aspirations of members of the ADM Student Club.

College of Engineering

CSC Club.webp

Computer Science & Engineering


Academic Constituent Club of School of Computer Science and Engineering.

College of Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Cl

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Club

The best student welfare can be found at EEE Club, which looks after our students' academic and non-academic needs. Interactive workshops and memorable events — including the annual Freshmen Orientation Programme (Efinity), EEE Week, Exam Welfare Wishes — are among the many things the Club does to spice up campus life, foster cohesiveness, and build bonds among EEE students.

Founder and CEO

Asian School of the Environment.png

Asian School of Environment


NTU Asian School of the Environment Club is a club that caters to ASE students' welfare and needs.

College of Engineering

CEE Club.png

Civil & Environmental Engineering Club

The Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Club serves all Civil, Environmental, and Maritime Studies students in NTU. Through various engaging activities, we aim to enrich students' university life, meet students' needs, build a bridge between faculty and students, and be the voice for our CEE students in NTU.

College of Engineering

MSE Club.png

Material Science & Engineering Club

Representatives of the faculty, planning events and managing student welfare.

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