To empower the voices, advocate the interests, and enhance the vibrancy of campus life of NTU students.


A community where NTU students are empowered partners in building

their university experience.

The Nanyang Technological University Students’ Union (NTUSU) is the largest student organisation in Nanyang Technological University (NTU). We represent all full-time undergraduate students, who in turn are members of the Union.

The Union strives to create a vibrant campus and enhance your University experience through the three-pronged approach of Voice, Service and Vibrancy.


By Voice, the Union ensures that your needs as a student of NTU are heard and promptly met. We maintain communication channels for you to voice your feedback and concerns to the Union.

By Service, the Union initiates services that help ensure the needs of the members in the university are met.

By Vibrancy, the Union organises events and implements initiatives that will colour the dynamic student life of our members.


The Union’s works are driven by two main bodies - the NTUSU Council and NTUSU Executive Committee. Together, we formulate and drive policies that best promote the interests of our present and future students. The Union is committed to advancing students’ interests by representing them on various decision-making bodies at the university level, and in engagements with government and industry. NTUSU comprises 500 student leaders and represents the voices of all 24,000 NTU undergraduates.

We are constantly looking towards the future, reaching for greater heights and broadening our horizons; most importantly, we look forward to having you on this journey with us. 

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